Blanket Making Guidelines

Please follow carefully!

We only accept donations of new, handmade blankets that are quilted, hand-tied, crocheted, knitted, and fleece.

We do not accept used or commercially made blankets.

Please use only new, clean and washable materials in infant, child or teen-friendly colors. Remember these blankets are meant to be colorful, cuddly and age appropriate. Please use soft baby-type yarn.

Blankets that smell of smoke or strong chemicals, have pet hair on them, or that have a musty smell cannot be accepted as they may produce severe allergic reactions in the children.

Please check and double-check your blanket carefully for straight pins. It’s better that you find the pin than the child receiving it!

Please make sure there are no buttons or similar decorative items on the blankets. They can be a choking hazard for children.

If the quilt is tied, anchor it every 4-6 inches so the quilt will stand the test of time.

The following are approximate sizes for blankets. Kids and blankets come in all sizes. We donate to all ages, newborns through teens.

Baby – a minimum 30” x 36”

Child – 40” x 55” to 40” x 60”

Teen – 45” x 65” to 45” x 72”